The basis of our advanced strategy incorporates a ‘top down’ vision, embracing global economy and finance. After reviewing the process as a whole, we evaluate and examine each industrial division or sector. This careful attention to the markets allows us to pin point which area is currently in the best position to benefit from the prevailing economic conditions at that time.

Hereafter we continue to analyze the market, in order to highlight and select opportunities within this area that illustrate good potential for investment, all in accordance to our competitive criteria. This criterion is essentially based on a detailed analysis of several factors, these being; the quality of the business or corporation, the strength of the balance sheet, the current cash flow and liquidity and crucially, the potential for expansion and growth. This deliberately intense method of selection is implemented to ensure that we are justifiably offering a viable, sustainable and secure solution to private wealth management.

To complete the final stage of our selection strategy, our attention is applied to valuation. We strongly believe that whenever circumstance permits, in order to achieve long term fair value, it is important and highly beneficial to purchase stock trading at a discounted fee.
For an opportunity to be included or even considered when structuring a client’s portfolio, it must have satisfied each detail of our extensive evaluation and analysis.