Client Support

Together we encourage a sophisticated and inclusive strategy to your personal global financial management. We will take into consideration the entirety of your wealth and asset catalogue in order to tailor and adapt a plan that will satisfy all of your financial requirements and goals.
Your personal plan will not only incorporate investment planning and methodology. It will examine and implement ways in which we can minimize taxation on your capital earnings, gains and inheritance, along with planning for retirement and transferring wealth between heirs and beneficiaries.

In order to provide a successful, profitable and fully customized service, it is imperative that we engage in coherent communications with each individual client. As seamless knowledge and understanding of your requirements and targets will ensure that we are adequately prepared to achieve them.

As an essential feature of our dynamic client management service, throughout your relationship with Harvest Asset Holdings Limited you will have a constant point of contact and communication with your personal expert advisor. With professional discretion, your advisor will continue to attentively observe and monitor the progression and growth of your wealth. This will ensure that the development of your investment solutions remains in direct correlation to your personal plan, taking into account that this may change and evolve throughout our partnership.

Portfolio Management

Investment portfolio management involves the experienced handling of a broad range of securities, investments and asset classes; in order to achieve definitive and prearranged objectives to benefit the individual investor.

At Harvest Asset Holdings Limited our experienced advisors use their expert judgment to analyze a vast range of possible investment opportunities. During their analysis they endeavor to add sophisticated acquisitions to your portfolio. In doing so, certain opportunities are made available to you that may not conventionally be accessible to single investors working alone. Therefore, good returns and capital gain can be expected through a refined portfolio that includes bonds, shares and other securities.