Managing Offshore Opportunities

Participating in offshore investing offers a superior level of flexibility, as your portfolio remains under one umbrella, administration and ongoing governance is relatively hassle free. You are also protected from certain economic and political influence and liability. Consequently this type of private wealth management plan is perfectly suited to medium and long term investors.
Our head office is situated within Hong Kong’s favorable tax jurisdiction, therefore when investing with Harvest Asset Holdings Limited, growth and returns of your investments are optimized. We are able to assist private clients globally, in assembling a balanced portfolio with a range of offshore investment bonds.

The Accumulation of Capital

The accumulation of wealth and capital refers to the assembly of objects of value and worth. Our clients develop and grow their wealth in numerous different ways.


Process of Analysis

The basis of our advanced strategy incorporates a ‘top down’ vision, embracing global economy and finance. After reviewing the process as a whole, we evaluate and examine each industrial division or sector. This careful attention to the markets allows us to pin point which area is currently in the best position to benefit from the

Portfolio Management

Investment portfolio management involves the experienced handling of a broad range of securities, investments and asset classes; in order to achieve definitive and prearranged objectives to benefit the individual investor. At Harvest Asset Holdings Limited our experienced advisors use their expert judgment to analyze a vast range of possible investment opportunities. During their analysis they

Client Support

Together we encourage a sophisticated and inclusive strategy to your personal global financial management. We will take into consideration the entirety of your wealth and asset catalogue in order to tailor and adapt a plan that will satisfy all of your financial requirements and goals. Your personal plan will not only incorporate investment planning and

Trading Models

The organization of a trading portfolio is less conservative than that of an equity portfolio. This type of portfolio involves regular and frequent trading and alterations. We research opportunities with good added value that are also adjustable and liquid. Our investment strategy is relevant and reliable. We frequently adhere to long bias principles, as this can gain substantial positions throughout the time period. However, there may be certain situations when proprietors encourage us to verge on the side of more exposure. Throughout the process discretion and client privacy will always be sustained.